The World's Most Powerful Platform to Discover and analyze Mobile Cyber Attacks

Making enterprise-level cybersecurity accessible to every organization.

Has my device been compromised?

There are many signs that might indicate an attack, but how can you be sure?

Powered by a proprietary intelligence engine, ZecOps enables the automated discovery of advanced cyber attacks reducing the risk assessment time from months to minutes. Allowing potentially to check tens of thousands of devices per month.

Understand if you have been the victim of an attack, how the attack happened, when it happened and what the impact is.

Detect Stealthy Attackers

ZecOps automatically analyzes mobile devices in order to detect attackers’ mistakes and discover sophisticated attacks. 

Discovery & Remediation

Detect, remediate and analyze automatically 0-days, APTs and advanced attacks that went unnoticed by existing security controls.

Risk & Compromise Assessment

 Identify suspicious devices, past and ongoing cyber espionage campaigns on organizations’ devices and assess cyber risk exposure.

Actionable Threat Intelligence

Generate meaningful and comprehensive reports providing you the information about threats targeting your organization to prevent and mitigate cyber-attacks.

ZecOps takes a fundamentally different and innovative approach to security by automatically analyzing devices in order to detect attackers’ mistakes and discover sophisticated attacks.

How can we help strengthen your security and protect your end users and your organisation when it comes to cyber attacks?

 To see how Datashield and ZecOps enable enterprise-class protection and detection, by extracting and analysing devices and logs, then contact us today.