The multiplying vulnerabilities

of living in a connected world

Living in a connected world delivers enormous convenience. But with those benefits comes vulnerabilities. It is hard enough ensuring our ‘conventional’ computing devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops are protected from attack, but the home and your car are now increasingly a backdoor to your data. 

Some of the connections are obvious, such as voice-activated virtual assistants. But others less so; many household appliances are now smartly connected. As we hurtle towards a fully connected world, the variety and quantity of these connected items will only escalate and the need for our connected lives to be protected within robustly secure and trustworthy relationships.

Trustica builds this reliable trustworthy circle and establishes trust with advanced security technology.

Trustica maintains safety and trust in your connected world

Trustica technology incorporates Digital ID creation, binding users and devices (TRUST ID), Data Confidentiality and Integrity for secure and reliable communication without relying on Network (Data Protection), Continuous Device Attestation for secure communication (Attestation*), Authentication Mechanism without requiring any privacy information (Anonymous ID*), and even more. In addition, these technologies are integrated and designed to be simple and lightweight enough to enable implementation on IoT devices. 

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