Is your data security audit showing red

Datashield can help you reduce the pressure.

From data breaches and phishing attacks to IT systems overload and GDPR compliance, Datashield deliver innovative solutions and services to protect your organisation from everyday threats  and attacks


Detect | Protect | Secure

IT security or Cybersecurity is the ability to protect computer systems, networks, and cloud platforms from the theft or damage of hardware systems, software, applications, or other electronic data. It also provides a platform from which to prevent the disruption or misdirection of data via attacks and other forms of malware and viruses.

The most valuable assets in any organization are its data and its people so it comes as no surprise that protecting and securing this data is at the top of most lists of must have solutions.

Datashield work with leading vendors to deliver solutions that protect your organizations data from being compromised attacked or lost.

Zero Day Cyber Attack

Is ransomware
your number one concern?

We make people more secure by making endpoint protection from advanced malware attacks more effective.

Adding AppGuard software to endpoints blocks what AV, EDR, XDR, and other malware detection defences miss entirely or detect too late.


High Security CRM

Is your prospect and customer data as secure as you think?

theCRM has been built to deliver strong Data Management with Security by design.

Security is built into the heart of theCRM‘s system design and is modelled on industry best-practices such as ISO27001. It is continuously stress-tested and features a secure development lifecycle.

Enterprise Smartphone SuperApp

Are your employees’ mobile devices a significant vector for attack?

Cubed Mobile transforms one mobile into two, encapsulating an entire business smartphone in a super-app. Delivering a complete workspace combined with a unified communication hub, the self-contained, centrally managed virtual smartphone, can be installed on any device.

Data Security Platform

Is threat detection and response too difficult?

As threat surfaces rapidly expand from on-premise network to remote workers to cloud platforms and applications, IT and security teams are blind to risks and vulnerabilities in their networks that attackers exploit. These same teams are equally as blind to unfolding attacks.

Datashield and CyGlass eXtended Cloud Defense protect hybrid network/cloud threat surfaces with a single 100% cloud-native, AI driven solution.

Superfast Search Algorithm

Are you struggling to keep up with the performance demands needed to detect
the latest malware?

With the vast amounts of information that is stored in Big Data, DNA, Cybersecurity and other environments, existing solutions are limited to a maximum of 20,000 parallel searches.

The solution to this is  by constantly upgrading to faster and more expensive processors.

DaBoost reinvents the search algorithm with a unique, advanced sequence, parallel multi-pattern search technology significantly increasing efficiency and digital processing speeds by up to 100 times.

Breach Prevention

Are you searching for proven digital security to prevent breaches?

A balanced cloud-based cybersecurity platform serving the needs of a modern organization, powered by unique ESET LiveSense technology.

ESET offers the world’s most formidable cybersecurity based on superior research. Presents a unique balance of prevention, detection and response.

ESET includes End Point Detection, Full Disk Encryption, Vulnerability & Patch Management, MFA, Cloud & Mail Security and Advanced Threat Defence

Data Security Platform

Is the pressure of securing your data and remaining compliant too much?

A unified data security platform powered by confidential computing that delivers a wide range of data security services.

The solution deploys encryption, multi-cloud key management, tokenization, TDE and multiple other capabilities and all from one single console.

Fortanix are also looking to the future of Quantum Computing and have an agile approach to handle the challenges that it brings!

Manage and secure Apple at work 

Do you need
Apple Centric Security?

Jamf is the only Apple Enterprise Management solution of scale that remotely connects, manages and protects Apple users, devices and services.

The modern workplace requires modern management and security.

Trusted Access by Jamf is the only solution to deliver device management, user identity and endpoint protection.

With Jamf, enhanced security does not come at the expense of user experience.

Data Protection

Do you know where all your data resides, and is it protected?

It’s the classic shadow IT story where different departments within your organization have multiple apps all storing data in the cloud.

The question is, do you know where it is stored, is it secure, compliant, and correctly managed?

Datashield partner with Metomic to automatically detect and protect sensitive data across all your internal databases and cloud applications.

Secure Operational Technology

Do you worry about more than just detecting attacks?

Knowledge of an attack is one thing, but knowing how to stop them is key.

Xage can secure, manage & transform OT, IT and cloud operations.

It delivers access management, remote access, and secure data.

Cyber Attacks

How do you know if your mobile devices have been compromised?

There are many signs that could indicate that an attack has happened, but how can you be sure?

ZecOps enables the automated discovery of advanced cyber attacks reducing the risk assessment time from months to minutes

This enables you to understand if you have been the victim of an attack, how it happened, when it happened and what the impact is.

Mobile Threat Defense

Are you concerned about how secure your mobile devices are?

Are your mobile devices, iOS, Android, and Chromebook safe from attack?

Are your mobile applications vulnerable to data breaches, fraud, or external attacks?

Datashield are working with Zimperium to elimate those risks to mobile devices and apps, by protecting your end users and customers private data and information.

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