AI powered automated Data Protection platform
– real time analysis, prevention and remediation

Parsyfal is a Data Protection platform that operates across the entirety of your business. It is powered by cutting edge a.i. that continuously identifies and measures escalating threats to your business as well as vulnerabilities and weaknesses within your operation.

Through a comprehensive dashboard you will see real-time status of vulnerabilities and their locations, each triaged for urgency of response and remediation.

Shining light into every corner
of your Data Protection policies, processes and controls

Identify and analyse

The platform measures and analyses responses from 85 specific Data Protection processes and 4000 controls across 6 key business areas.


Analysis is in real time. As threats and vulnerabilities are introduced or changed, the a.i. immediately identifies, re-classifies and re-prioritises the response report.


A game changing combination of declarative Data Protection measures across your organisation. Vital for internal reporting and for external regulatory evidencing of process.


The platform eliminates employee or consultant intermediaries between the operation and the oversight. It identifies and interacts only with personnel or partners who perform key tasks. Intelligence is received directly from source. It’s just you, the key workers (wherever they are based) and your dashboard.

Change culture

Parsyfal gives you the visibility to overcome the natural silos within your operation. By identifying key tasks related to data and not roles related to organisational structure, the platform ensures business-wide adoption and a whole-company response.

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