The power of data without the risk

Metomic automatically detects and protects sensitive data across all your internal databases and cloud applications.

Securely collect, share and analyse data without the liability of having to protect it yourself.

Metomic removes extreme risks in preventing the misuse of sensitive data that could result in huge fines. It allows organisations to expedite manual and expensive compliance tasks in order to meet tough industry regulations.


Metomic automatically detects any data your company ingests and categorises the data by its purpose, location and sensitivity.


Sensitive data is replaced with zero-PII tokens to preserve the functionality of the data but strip away the liability of using it.


The Metomic dashboard lets you create custom rules for how you protect and manage data based on over 50 variables.

Metomic uses AI to automatically detect and tokenise all sensitive data before it reaches your internal databases and cloud applications. Your Data can be integrated and protected, wherever it exists. Whether thats on Gmail, SaaS-based HR systems, Salesforce or any other systems where data may reside. Metomic integrates and supports 100’s of different platforms. 

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