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At Datashield it’s people first. Your people.

Your people partnering alongside our people, putting themselves in your shoes enabling them to undertsand what keeps you awake at night. They do this based on their deep understanding of the challenges faced today and having been the customer themselves, where they have experienced these challenges first hand.

Andi Robinson

Chief Executive Officer

Andi is a highly experienced and self-motivated hands on General Manager with a strong sales and marketing background within the IT Security industry with a deep knowledge and respect of data protection, data privacy, and the challenges organisations face today.

He has a thorough understanding of the IT Security channel model having been involved with both UK and International manufacturers, distributors and reseller organisations bringing new and innovative technology to market.

His blend of energy, creativity, and capacity for making things happen in start-ups and established businesses enables customers and suppliers achieve their desired outcomes.

A ‘can do’ attitude underpins his core values. “Say what you do, BUT always do what you say!” His headline really says it all, “Put data protection at the TOP of your agenda before it becomes ALL of your agenda!”

Andi is passionate about helping others in data protection and charity work. The Scouts has been a tremendous “give back”. Young people are the bastions of our future!

Paul Foster

Chief Technology Officer

Paul is a self-confessed “tech freak” who believes in people and products.

What better person to be responsible for Quantum Evolve’s Cyber Resilience (our guest CTO at Datashield) and the innovation and development of technology!

Paul’s cybersecurity background comes from years spent in Banking, FinTech and AI start-ups, and his experience covers CTO, CIO, CSO and Global Head.

With a reputation for success and a person who “gets on with the job”, Paul has a proven track record managing high profile IT and Business Change Programmes through to successful completion.

Using humour and his superb people skills, Paul is a fantastic person to work with, and an admirable, trusted and diplomatic team leader.

About Quantum Evolve:

Datashield have a true two way strategic partnership with Quantum Evolve and this is the reason why?

Quantum Evolve understands the importance of business & cyber resilience in today’s evolving threat landscape.

Our innovative Cybersecurity Posture & Protection services actively demonstrate whether your business’ investment in time, effort & money is having the desired effect.

Obtain complete visibility and knowledge of your software, physical/virtual assets, network, services, information, vulnerabilities, compliance & quantified risk exposure.

We can easily interpret your business’ true risk from financial quantification to technical detail, allowing you to identify areas that require further attention & prioritise your security efforts.

Phil Gray

Chief Product Officer

Phil has a deep technical understanding on the critical importance of data protection and the importance that without good practice, best of breed security solution implementation and training, all data is vulnerable to compromise.

He also has over 20 years of hands-on development (programming) experience using many languages but focusing on VB, Java and C# .Net and Microsoft SQL Server.

These skills have enabled Phil to become a subject matter expert in the field of  Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, selling, implementing, developing and configuring tailor-made solutions, integrating with popular 3rd party applications and writing bespoke new applications with a core focus on ease of use and data protection.

Alexander Clayson

Consultancy and Professional Services Director

Alexander is a highly experienced security professional with a background in the aerospace and defence industries. He specialises in operational technology, security strategy and enterprise architecture.

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Our highly-skilled and experienced team of security and end user computing subject matter experts are here to help and advise you every step of the way. Whether it’s a security audit to ensure you remain compliant, or you are looking to embrace remote working and the digital workspace.