Is your data security audit showing red

From data breaches and phishing attacks to IT systems overload and GDPR compliance, how can you reduce the pressure?


What is causing pressure in your data world?

Does the gap between zero-day attack and preventative response worry you?

A zero-day threat is one that exploits an unknown computer security vulnerability and therefore has no known security fix.

Your systems and data are vulnerable in the period between attack and the preventative response from the End Point Security market.


Learn how we can help eliminate the threat of zero-day cyber attacks

Is your employee mobile phone commitment too great?

The costs for equipping your organisation with mobile phone hardware are high. Then there are the security concerns of data loss, the remote management issues, privacy concerns and the headaches caused by replacement through loss or theft all ensure a massive cost and resource commitment.


Learn how we can achieve a win-win for both your company and employees with this BYOD solution

Are you concerned about your endpoint security?

Your endpoint security methodology is not adequately securing every endpoint connecting to your network. It is vulnerable to rogue access attempts and other risky activity at these points of entry.

ESET uses people, machine learning and LiveGrid® threat protection to cover all areas of concern.

Learn how we can help you manage all your endpoints, servers and mobile devices from a single console

Is a splintered digital workspace amplifying your fears of data breach?

Piecemeal, unintuitive or conflicting systems and protocols hinder your business from operating efficiently and safely. Processes aren’t automated and your IT has become slower along-side deteriorating user experiences. Do you doubt the ability of your business to identify when a data breach has occurred or be able to locate quickly the source of that breach?


Learn how we can help you build a secure digital working environment

Is the GDPR compliance of your business too much like guesswork?

Are you lacking confidence that your business has identified and filled every gap in your systems where GDPR overlaps?

Do your teams lack rigorous training and access to the latest services that cyber security professionals can offer?

Learn how we can help you navigate the complex processes of compliance

Are your very devices at physical risk?

Data security is not just about the systems running on the hardware, it is about the physical security of those devices themselves.

Are your devices not designed and built for the knocks they receive in your work environment? Is physical damage an all too common and costly problem?

Getac are the number one choice for blue light, military, automotive sectors and any environment requiring rugged PCs, servers and mobile devices.

Learn how to be protected in the physical world

Is your data in transit or at rest vulnerable?

Confidential data such as personal information needs to be protected wherever it may be as threats like business email compromise being a massive problem.

If data is encrypted then if a breach occurs the effects are mitigated significantly for all parties.

Learn how we can protect your data whether it is in transit or at rest

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