Threat Detection and Response Made Simple

CyGlass eXtended Cloud Defense protects hybrid network/cloud threat surfaces with a single 100% cloud-native, AI driven solution.

CyGlass coverage

CyGlass coverage includes North/South and East/West network traffic, Azure, AWS and Google Clouds, Amazon Work Spaces, Google Work Space, M365, and Active Directory.

CyGlass also integrates and correlates EDR threats incorporating and correlating network, cloud, user, endpoint, and application activity logs into the CyGlass SaaS AI engine, eXtended Defense monitors for:

  • Authentication threats including password and credential attacks
  • Network and Cloud risks including firewall rule failure and unsecured ports
  • Cyberattacks including ransomware and supply chain
  • File and data threats including sensitive files moved to public clouds or open file shares

CyGlass eXtended Cloud Defense

CyGlass eXtended Cloud Defense is a 100% AWS native platform explicitly designed for resource-constrained teams. An open XDR solution, CyGlass deploys across multiple locations in minutes integrating with existing environments and utilizing automation to eliminate the need for threat hunters and forensic analysts. The CyGlass Platform delivers:
  • Rapid time to value
  • Low overhead, requiring less than one FTE to operated
  • Reduced operating costs by upwards of 60%

To see how CyGlass can make threat detection and response simple