Consultancy & Professional Services

Driving and delivering  collaboration and outcomes for business transformation projects

Security and Data Protection Professional Services


At Datashield we don’t just deliver technology solutions.  Our consultants become an integrated and trusted part of our customers teams so that they can truly understand the environment. In turn this enables us to provide the right help and guidance in removing the risk of your data becoming lost or compromised, but above all ensuring you meet all compliance and regulatory requirements.

Datashield deliver the following security and data protection services:

Cyber Security

Cyber security is the key to safeguarding your IP, continuity, and reputation

Managed SOC

Penetration testing

Incident response

Secure code review

Cyber Essentials

Fraud Services – KYC/KYS

Law Enforcement Integration

Detection & response


CCTV review

Dark Web Monitoring

Digital Forensics

Datashield can deliver services that help you discover, protect and transform your data,  helping to reveal the truth, manage risk and generate insight.

Datashield offer the following digital forensic solutions:

Computer forensics

Mobile forensics

Satnav forensics

Cell site analysis

Rapid response units

Custom software

Data Analytics

Datashield can help you sort through your data to find the information you need fast. This could be pulling together a regulatory report, finding the key actors in a data breach situation, locating the key document in a criminal case or corporate investigation, reviewing evidence to inform early case assessment, or just looking at statistical information to improve existing business processes.

Datashield offer the following digital analytic solutions:


Managed review


Data Governance

Datashield helps you ensure that data controls are implemented that support business objectives with respect to availability, usability, consistency, data integrity and data security


Data mapping

Data remediation

Microsoft O365 migration

Response readiness



DPO virtual

Evidential storage

Digital Workspace Professional Services


The key to a digital workspace project is in putting the end user first and foremost. Our experienced EUC consultants do exactly that, understanding from the ground up how end users interact with technology to carry out their daily tasks.

Datashield consultants can then work to introduce technology that will enhance productivity and enable organisations to stay competitive.

Datashield offer the following digital workspace services:


All digital workspace projects start with an assessment. This helps you understand your end user landscape, capturing all end user requirements, allowing you to design a solution to cover all end user eventualities


Design is not just about the architecture. It is also about your strategy and looking at how to build a digital workspace  solution that addresses your end user requirements and aids increased productivity and collaboration


The deployment stage takes the assessment and design stages, puts them altogether and starts to build out the solution. This could either be a physical build or a migration to a cloud-based workspace solution.

If you have a project, either planned or currently in progress, or are just looking for advice, call us today and see how we can help