How secure is your network from a zero-day cyber attack?

Malware like Ransomware, Weaponised Word and PDFʼs, Remote Access Trojans are crippling businesses globally (Sant Gobain 43,000 people had no IT for nearly 8 weeks; NHS hit by Wannacry; Norsk Hydro 22,000 staff had no IT for 4 weeks… the list is endless). Add to that new types of threats like fileless code, memory based code attacks and stolen signing certificates there has never been a greater risk to data and never has it been more difficult to nullify these issues.

Wannacry infected 200,000 computers in 150 countries!

A zero-day threat is one that exploits an unknown computer security vulnerability.

There is, therefore, no known security fix because developers are oblivious to the vulnerability or threat. Attackers exploit zero-day vulnerabilities through different vectors.

The response from the main players of the End Point Security market all have a serious issue in blocking these attacks.


How AppGuard changes the O/S response to cyber attack

AppGuard applies patented technology to protect endpoints, servers, and ATMs against all Zero-Day threats!

AppGuard Enterprise is a centrally managed host-based endpoint protection solution, originally developed for US Defence organisations and prevents malware and all advanced cyber-attacks from harming the system. It blocks attacks from detonating without having to explicitly recognize the attack. It is intended for organisations with high numbers of endpoint devices to protect.

Alternative solutions (e.g. Anti-Virus and Endpoint Detection and Response ‒ AV and EDR) only succeed when they recognize the attack as having harmed previous environments. These alternatives need constant signature updates and are vulnerable to zero-day attacks.

AppGuardʼs zero-trust policy and isolation & inheritance policy block applications from performing suspicious processes, whilst still allowing them to continue performing normal actions. It sits at the Kernel level of the Operating system and is super lightweight (less than 1MB) so it does not affect the performance of the machine.

In essence, AppGuard alters the DNA of the operating system so that it is immune to the effects of malware.

AppGuard agents run smoothly for months and years without policy updates, regardless of application updates, patches, and other changes and in nearly 10 years of deployment, it has never been breached!

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