Building a secure and efficient IT workspace

Datashield is a partner of Matrix42, who help organisations digitise the workspace environment of their employees. The software for its digital workspace manages devices, applications, processes and services in a simple, secure and compliant way. The innovative software supports the integration of physical, virtual, mobile and cloud-based workspace environments seamlessly into existing infrastructures.

Matrix42 solutions

Unified Endpoint Management
Matrix42 has been creating future-proof workspace management software that helps increase the quality of work and life in general for 25 years. For example, it has combined client lifecycle management and enterprise mobility management to form Unified Endpoint Management.

Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) allows IT departments to guarantee a consistently high level of support for specialist departments – across all device types and operating systems.

Automated Service Management
Modern IT organisations are developing more and more into service providers within their companies, sometimes even beyond company boundaries. However, many of these companies do not know the value or cost of the service. The provision of IT and non-IT services for employees as self-service also presents many companies with a challenge.

Matrix42’s service management solution provides an intuitive app store for users and ITIL-certified service processes for IT departments.

With Matrix42 Service Management, you have the out-of-the-box solution at your fingertips that frees up your IT space and makes you the innovation driver for more service quality throughout your entire company.

Software Asset Management
Matrix42 Software Asset Management is a complete solution consisting of asset, license, and contract management. It provides license managers and compliance officers with full transparency and investment control over all assets, contracts, and licenses across all platforms (clients, servers, mobile devices, and the cloud). By avoiding improper and incorrect licensing and optimizing costs and license requirements, you can take a relaxed approach to the next software audit.

All Matrix42 Software Asset Management modules are integrated with one another and can be used in a complete management console.

Matrix42 Workflow Studio lets you dock the systems of your choice in a completely intuitive way.

SolutionBuilder allows you to design the entire UI as desired.

SolutionBuilder and Workflow Studio provide you with a whole range of options to expand your solution in an update-proof way.
Choose from License Management, Asset Management, Contract Management, License Intelligence Service, Inventory, Workflow Studio.

MyWorkspace can make your end users’ working environment mobile. This makes your employees more productive and you more successful. MyWorkspace makes it possible – easier for users, precise for IT and economical for the company.

Turn your browser into a new operating system with MyWorkspace and access the desired data and applications from any device at any time. Whether it’s mobile, SaaS or legacy applications, it doesn’t matter.

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