Secure the Mailbox, not just the Email Server

Phishing continues to be the primary delivery mechanism for malware, while social engineering has made it easier to gather information on key employees and launch file-less attacks.

Targeted phishing emails are…
…bypassing gateway solutions
Secure Email Gateways lack advanced threat defence capabilities
…going undetected
Security teams are understaffed & overburdened with security events & alerts
…luring clicks
Phishing emails have become more sophisticated for end users to detect &
 some people will never learn (no matter how hard we train them!)

We at Datashield are proud to work with our partner IRONSCALES who have developed the world’s first automated phishing prevention, detection and response platform. These multiple award-winning anti-email phishing technologies combine human intelligence with machine learning starting at the mailbox-level to prevent, detect and respond automatically to today’s sophisticated email phishing attacks that have already bypassed technical controls.

The benefits of Ironscales technologies

1 Simple Deployment
Deploy in two-clicks with Office 365/Exchange and G Suite.
NO MX record changes required.
Replace or supplement your existing SEG with advanced email threat protection.

2 Smarter Mailboxes
With proprietary inbox augmentation technology, employees can make better security related decisions, becoming better reporters and part of the solution against advanced phishing threats.

3 Automated Response
Streamline and automate incident analysis and response from employee phishing reports, reducing the time phishing emails lie idle in employees mailboxes.

4 User-led Intelligence
Reduce the time spent on incidents already researched by your peers.
Collaborate anonymously and automatically with other certified analysts within the IRONSCALES global community.

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