Caught between the need to migrate to Windows 10

and keeping your legacy apps running 


The clock is ticking to migrate to Windows 10. But what to do about legacy or bespoke critical applications that are not supported or a security risk to vulnerabilities on Windows 10?

Continue using your applications with Droplet Computing containers

With Droplet Computing’s semi-connected container technology, you can decouple your applications from the both the underlying hardware and operating system, setting them free. Once containerized you can simply deliver your applications to your choice of device, and all regardless of the device type and whether you are working online or offline.

You are no longer limited by the device, the operating system, or only being able to work when connected.

Your legacy applications can simply be installed directly into the Droplet Computing container unchanged, and then delivered using the application delivery mechanism you use currently. There is no need to refactor, package, sequence, or virtualize the applications to make them work. Unless you already deliver them in that way, in which case Droplet Computing will allow you to now extend the ability to run these applications on whatever device you choose to use.

To see how you can set your applications free to enable you to migrate to a new platform, contact us for a free trial, or demonstration to see how Droplet Computing can enable you to still run your applications on modern platforms.

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