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Datashield Security provide products and services to help you become and remain GDPR ready.

What is GDPR?

What do we do at Datashield?

Data Security Software and Hardware Products


EgoSecure’s Data Protection Solution provides a single interface to track data movement and notify/block data breaches in their tracks whilst deploying the most comprehensive end point security solutions globally. If data is lost you need to have to solution in place to triggers alerts and protect that data wherever it goes to ensure GDPR compliance.

Index Engine

Index Engines’ patented software solution discovers, classifies and indexes  files and emails across all tiers of storage including legacy backup tapes. This is critical in meeting GDPR requirements for data minimisation, classification and right to be forgotten requests whilst streamlining storage and costs for legacy data.


Various employees can carry out changes to Active Directory. Not having comprehensive monitoring results in security risks and inconsistencies in the processes of making changes. 8MAN’s visual topdown approach to ensuring ‘who has access to what, eradicating nested groups and recursions simply & effectively.

Getac Rugged Devices

The idea of securing your data should not just be about security solutions alone but the very computing devices we use every day. Getac believe they make the best rugged computers in the world and we at Datashield agree! With a real passion and expertise in mobilising businesses their devices are used globally ensuring data is protected inside out.

Data Security Services


Gap Analysis and Remediation

The GDPR gap analysis service provides an assessment of your organisation’s current level of compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation and helps identify and prioritise the key areas that your organisation must address to create a remediation plan which we can assist with

Managed Hosted Delivery

Managed hosting, designed and delivered by experts, can add strategic value to your business, and help meet those ever-important goals of compliance and security around GDPR. We can manage your security needs through our in house Tier 3&4 data centres and take some of the burdens away from you in-house.


One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to implementing software solutions. Some organisations are in a hurry to meet GDPR compliance and/or business-driven deadlines. Others prefer to be autonomous. Whatever drives your project, Datashield has an implementation plan to suit you with a range of experienced consultants.


To ensure effective compliance by 25th May 2018, your organisation needs to have staff in place who understand the requirements of the GDPR and are well equipped to plan, implement and maintain a compliance programme. It is well recognised that your staff are the most important link in data protection.

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